About Us

Our Team

Our team is comprised of healthcare IT experts with over three decades of experience, HIPAA consultants, and cybersecurity professionals. Three decades is pretty serious. We are a leader-driven company, overseen and managed by the founding members themselves.

Manta HealthTech is an ideology. It’s a lifestyle. Nurtured and brought to life by:

Clint Delander – CEO – Manta HealthTech

Clint has two decades of experience in providing dental IT solutions and has been offering HIPAA consultancy for the last six years. With his IT expertise, exceptional interpersonal skills, and effective communication, he is now working to assist healthcare professionals to thrive with a safe, efficient, and compliant IT infrastructure.

Zak Spaniol – Managing Partner – Manta HealthTech​

Zak is the lifeblood of Manta HealthTech. An entrepreneur by heart, he is channeling his passion for offering optimized IT services, assisting customers, and nurturing good client relationships through this platform. With his years of experience in offering industry-leading IT solutions for medical offices and helping them stay compliant with HIPAA and PCI, Zak is now sharing his expertise with the Manta HealthTech clients.

Our Values


We always stay true to our word.


We are committed to satisfy our customers and work to provide unprecedented IT support and services.


We honor and respect everyone, regardless of their connection with Manta HealthTech.


We don't give up. Our passion for winning is reflected in our innovative solutions and customer feedback.


We don't play the blame game. If there has been a mistake on our part, we own and rectify it.


We do not compromise on quality


Our moral and ethical values bind us in everything we do.

Our leading-edge IT services and solutions are top-notch. We combine security practices that have been in the works for decades and we make sure you won’t have to spend any time worrying about HIPAA and PCI standards. 

Our customer base includes all of the above quite literally… dentists, physicians, health and wellness experts, veterinarians, and optometrists. And our technology solutions? Whether they’re hardware or software, we meet the unique requirements of each of our amazing clients. 

A customer-first perspective and success-driven company means we have tailored our services to fit like a glove and account for the most common concerns for healthcare professionals like YOU. 

Our mission is to go beyond providing IT services. We aim at building lasting relationships with our customers. In pursuance of this aim, we prioritize your satisfaction, offer prompt response and unwavering support. 

Going above and beyond like Jeff Bezos to outer space is how far we’d go for you. 

But seriously, lasting relationships, prioritizing your satisfactions, and offering a prompt response and unwavering support is how we roll. 

Quick response, innovative solutions, and a proactive approach have made us one of the few healthcare IT companies in Minnesota that you can rely on. Quote us on that!