Managed IT services to help your healthcare facility stay efficient, operational, and compliant. Our focus is medical including Dental, Chiropractic, Optometrist and Veterinary. 

We help your practice keep pace with fast-moving world of technology, -and build upon the immense potential and challenges that modern day technology holds for the healthcare sector.

Expect zero catch-up in the fast-moving world of technology we live in and a system that builds upon the incredible potential and challenges modern-day technology holds for the healthcare sector.

When we say our IT service experience is like going to Chick-fil-A… we mean it. With our various types of healthcare specialties along with HIPAA compliance expertise, we have everything we need so your company continues to be a powerhouse and profitable.

We are a Minnesota-based IT company which means you’re connected to other

Minnesotans who understand your IT wants, needs, and even those non-negotiable terms.

We get it. This stuff is really serious.

The Manta HealthTech Difference

We’re not going to say we are typical, we are one of a kind and proudly say that our personalized service is above the rest. You can quote us on that!

Customer-Focused Approach

Our services have been designed to mediate your fears and personalize our solutions to adhere to your expectations. Your satisfaction is the key and our mission of virtually protecting your assets wouldn’t be possible without it.

One-Stop IT Service & Support Provider

We offer comprehensive IT solutions. You have only ONE helpdesk to reach out to for all your IT issues, from a broken server to a security concern, and everything in between. If it connects to a computer, or you think it is technology-related, Manta HealthTech is your first call.

Prompt Response

35 years of us in the business means we’ve dealt with extreme situations. We also have the advanced technology to battle hackers!

Not to toot our horns, but being exceptionally responsive is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Okay, but really we don’t let a second go by. Fear isn’t a good gut feeling. We provide a safe house.

We pick up the phone,  EVERY TIME, ON TIME. 

Yes… even at 4am.

Exceptional Customer Service

Whether our customer support receives a call for concern at 2am or 1pm, we answer. To say we are dedicated is an understatement and assessing situations efficiently and with empathy has earned us major brownie points.

We consider this one of our greatest achievements.